About WalkiTech

I always remembered that slogan on a shopwindow where I used to pass by:
"Who does what he likes, never has to work hard"

About WalkiTechWhy not make that slogan come true for myself?
Hiking had been a hobby for quite a while. Whenever possible I went out to follow some long-distance trail, preferably in my own country. Having done quite some traveling abroad (sometimes long and faraway), I realized that I hardly knew my own small country.
In time I started a blog about my hiking experiences (the former lumaj.be). My interest in the technology of hiking - equipment and especially gps - grew, and I started writing about that too. One thing led to another, and soon I organised the first workshops about gps-hiking with smartphone for the flemish Groteroutepaden organisation (long-distance trails).

The hobby became a passion and I got involved deeper and deeper in the combination hiking, gps, smartphones and tablets. Walkitech.be is the logical consequence. It allows a more structured approach, to put things into place and to further develop them. As such I hope to contribute further to the comfort of everyone who likes hiking.

In the meantime I have to admit I developed my own version of the slogan:
"Who does what he likes, sees no problem in working hard, on the contrary, it only gives more satisfaction"