Over WalkitechWalking / hiking has been my and Maj's favourite hobby for almost as long as we know each other. Whenever possible we went out into the open. Many years we walked the GR-trails, preferably in our own small country. After lots of (sometimes long and faraway) travelling abroad, we realized that there's still so much to be seen and to be learned about our immediate surroundings. Walking (or hiking, trekking, wandering, call it whatever you like) brings us peace, as well inside as around us. But it's also a never-ending game of discovering and experiencing new things, and enjoying them to the fullest.

The emergence of smartphones and tablets added a new dimension to our walking hobby. GPS, walking apps en gpx-tracks soon became indispensable tools before (preparing), during (following the track) and after (documenting) our walks.

By now we've hiked most of the GR-trails in Belgium. It's time to explore also the other paths. And there's lots of interesting ones: local walks, junction networks and other long distance paths. Nothing more fascinating than compiling new and interesting walks out of that vast pool of possibilities. Exploring, testing, refining, documenting and then bringing it all together into a gpx-track that anyone can use. The result: e-Walks, fully documented hikes that you can simply follow with your smartphone or tablet.

The WalkiTech website, for whom walking is so much more than moving your feet.

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