The Belgian long distance walking path GR 57 has always been one of the most popular trails in Wallonia. The path follows the river Ourthe valley and then enters the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
The trail isn't always that easy and may become quite adventurous at times.

The track

(this track is based on the information provided by the website, the Walloon GR organisation; always consult their website for the most recent situation)


General info

GR 57 must be one of the most popular long distance hiking paths in Wallonia. The trail exists since 1966 and is 280 km long. Or rather, it had that length until August 2017. That year the track was thoroughly revised and a new topoguide book was published. The total length is now 370 km !

The GR 57 trail no longer starts near Barchon at the spot where the international GR 5 (North Sea - Rivièra) passes. The trail now officially starts at the Liège-Guillemins railwaystation. The part that goes to Barchon is now considered a liaison to GR 5.
After passing through Liège, GR 57 enters the Ardennes to follow the Ourthe valley up to the sources of the river. The itinerary was revised at several locations. Near Wéris a variant track was cancelled and replaced by a combination variant - maintrail. GR 57 now also visits the places where the sources of the river are located.
Then the trail continues into the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, following more river valleys, and ending along the Sûre river near Diekirch where the international GR 5 trail is once again met.

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The most important novelty of the 2017 revision has been the creation of a completely new trailpart. From the Barrage of Nisramont a new trailbranch now follows the 'other' Ourthe (Ourthe Occidentale) up to its source, and ending at the trainstation in Libramont. Distance: 70 km.

The trail offers lots of variation. Along the capricious Ourthe river you'll cross highlands as well as valleys. You'll visit quite a few tourist spots, and also in Luxembourg the often demanding landscapes are more than worth the effort.

Will GR 57 stand up to its popular reputation?