Workshop: On the road with the Osmand app

Purpose of the workshop:

Learn to use the Osmand app in practice during a hike.
Osmand is a very complete and versatile navigation app. It also functions offline with the wellknown OSM maps (OpenStreetMap). Osmand is available for free.

The workshop especially targets the owners of Android smartphones and tablets. iPhones and iPads are also welcome, but the possibilities of the Osmand app are more limited on those devices.

Length and content of the workshop:

The workshop takes about 3 1/2 hours and is given during a loop hike with a distance of 7 - 8 km.
During the hike following topics are explained and put into practice:

  • Useful smartphone/tablet settings
  • General overview of the Osmand app possibilities
  • Settings of the app
  • The plug-in manager
  • Configuring the screen
  • Configuring the map
  • Navigate to a point
  • Show hiking routes
  • Take audio/photography/video notes and share them
  • Show gpx-tracks
  • Record gpx-tracks
  • Show Points of Interest, Favourites

Don't forget to bring clothing adapted to the weather conditions.


You are supposed to have installed the Osmand app (free or paid version) and a map of Belgium in advance on your smartphone or tablet. If you already have the app, then make sure it is uptodate with the latest version available. One week prior to the workshop you'll receive an e-mail with the necessary instructions to install a gpx track.
If you had problems installing the gpx track, we'll take some time at the start of the workshop to solve them. There is no possibility to install the app and the map at that moment because there is no wifi available.

The hike has been prepared by us and can be done by any person fit to walk that distance. Frequent stops are used to provide the necessary instructions and to put them into practice. 

Planned dates, place, organisation on demand, number of participants and prices:

Planned dates, places:

None planned yet.

The minimum number of participants is 10, the maximum 15.

Price/participant: 26 € (VAT included). Don't forget to bring food and drinks if you need them.

Organisation on demand:

The workshop can be organised on demand. Make it a friends gathering, a club meeting, a company or association incentive.

Date, time and place are mutually agreed upon. The maximum number of participants is 15. There is no minimum. You have to cater for your own food and drinks.

The price is fixed at 260 € (VAT and traveltime of the instructor included).

Addional info, registration and payment:

Contact us by phone, e-mail or use the Contact form.
We confirm your (temporary) registration and send you the necessary payment info. Your registration becomes definite once we've received your payment.

If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the workshop is cancelled. Payments received will be returned, or you may decide to transfer your registration to a later planned workshop.
If a workshop is overbooked, the payment dates decide who the 15 participants are. The other payments will be returned, or you may decide to transfer them to a later planned workshop. 
Once the payment received, participants cannot cancel anymore.