Hiking well-prepared with your smartphone or tablet?

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone and many also use a tablet. Slowly, people start realising that these devices are not only made for telephone and data (internet) communication, but that they're also equipped with a gps-receiver. And who says gps-receiver immediately thinks of the gps device used in the car, or of the outdoor gps that is often used during recreational and/or sports activities.

WorkshopsThen why wouldn't it be possible to use that smartphone or tablet also as a navigation device or as an outdoor gps? Many ask themselves the question, but the answers they obtain are often confusing. Well, let's just answer the question right away: YES, you can perfectly use a smartphone or a tablet as a navigation device and/or an outdoor gps!

Once you're convinced of that, the next question is: HOW do we do that?
You can figure it out all by yourself, but not everyone finds the time to do that, and not everyone is as fast in acquiring new skills and talents. Then why not attend a workshop that immediately gives you all the answers you're looking for? And if at the same time you can also exercise all that newly acquired knowledge in a practical situation, you'll spare yourself the effort and the time to learn and try it out all by yourself.

That knowledge and practical experience, we love to provide during our WalkiTech workshops.
At the moment we organise 3 different workshops. What the purpose is of each workshop, how and when they're organised, what the content is, how you register and what you pay for it, you'll find it under these links:

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